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More Information about the Decline of Deer Populations

Deer Population Change by State

The map below illustrates the 2013 harvest as a percent of peak harvest. The deepest declines, in red, appear in western states where the mule and blacktail deer reside.  State agencies routinely use deer harvest to estimate deer population trends.

Articles about the Decline of Deer Populations

The California Deer Decline and Possibilities for Restoration Cal-Nevada Wildlife Transactions, 1976 

North American Mule Deer Conservation Plan - MULE DEER ... From Alaska, down the Pacific Coast of California to southern Baja Mexico and from the extreme ..... decline of mule deer populations over large portions ..

Estimated whitetail populations.  Published by Deer and Deer Hunting in the 1998 Almanac:  Texas 3,748,000, Michigan 1,900,000, Mississippi 1,750,000, Wisconsin 1,600,000, Alabama 1,500,000

Statistical Abstract, 1957:  454,000 deer killed by hunters in the United States

Deer Population in the South
... The deer population increased from about 303,500 in the mid-forties to about 2,405,000 at the present time [1969] and the kill increased from about 60,133 in 1950 to 274,184 in 1967 in the 11 Southern States on which data are available... 

An estimated 1 million moose in North America in 2018.

When Europeans first came to settle America, it was estimated that as many as 10 million elk roamed the land [Kathy Funk, the Virginia volunteer state chair for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation]  ... 

The elk are coming! The elk are coming! December 17, 2017 California, Oroville Mercury Register
... California seeks to consolidate the management of 22 elk herds of about 13,000 scattered in the center of the state... Prior to Europeans, there were about 10 million elk in all of the USA. Due to excessive hunting the population dropped to about 50,000, and through restocking it’s up to about 1 million...