Official Misinformation

Mt. Lebanon to tackle deer problem again June 21, 2015 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
... Jeannine Fleegel, a state Game Commission deer biologist invited to participate in Monday’s panel, said ... “I am not opposed to fertility control as an option, but the fact is, it is not an effective tool to reduce the population now,” she said. “I wish we had that tool available, but study after study shows it’s not effective on open populations of deer.” [Not correct, see summaries of studies and community efforts]
     Mt. Lebanon's deer management meeting sparks no protests June 23, 2015 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
... ”If you try to determine a number before you have a plan it will not work because your plan will be influenced by the number of deer you think you have, and the hard count won’t be reliable,“ [ Jeannine Fleegle, a deer biologist for the state Game Commission]  ”The first thing you have to define as a community is whether there is a problem ... [Many communities use a count to determine if there is a real overpopulation problem]