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 Deer sterilization program in East Hampton set to begin Friday December 31, 2014 New York, Newsday
... White Buffalo Inc. intends to station a team of 10 biologists, veterinarians and other staff in the village for about three weeks in an experimental program aimed at reducing the deer population without resorting to gunfire...  about $1,000 per deer... the 5-square-mile East Hampton Village is larger and more populated with deer than any area the organization has worked...

At the NIH, white-tailed deer get sterilized in luxurious surgery rooms December 24, 2014 Maryland, Washington Post 
...  the research institute immediately understood the procedure’s potential ... surgical sterilization seems to be gaining popularity ... A recent experiment in sterilizing deer at Cornell University — using tubal ligation — backfired when the reduced birthrate was offset by randy males moving onto campus... Under the spaying technique in use at the NIH [ovariectomy], females don’t go into heat at all...

NIH Embarks on Deer Management Plan December 5, 2014 Maryland, NIH Record
... For many NIH [National Institute of Health] employees, the presence of white-tailed deer on the Bethesda campus is a welcome sight, offering a rural feel in our otherwise urban setting ... “After looking at all options ... Over the next 4 years, starting this month, trained doctoral deer population control experts, in coordination with NIH veterinary staff, will anesthetize and neuter adult females ...

Mt. Lebanon commissioners take steps toward deer management November 20, 2014 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
... Among the measures is a proposal for deer sterilization that, if approved by the game commission, would be the first permit of its kind to be issued in the state...  

Update on Progress of Deer Sterilization Program at the Villages in San Jose, California November 19, 2014 
     In 2007, the Villages, a gated community with semi-permeable fencing, proposed thinning their deer herd by using archers.  Protests prevented the plan from going ahead.  After discussions, it was agreed that the company White Buffalo would tranquilize the does and perform ovariectomys.  The process began at the end of January, 2013, and was completed in early February.  Below is a recent update on the success of this project.  Based on a preliminary population estimate and two follow up estimates, there has been about a 20 percent reduction in the deer population in the first year with another reduction of about 20 percent in the second year based on an estimate done in November, 2014 -- about a 40 percent reduction in the population over less than two years.  The full report is available here or at the link above.

Loantaka reservation closed Wednesday for deer hunt October 1, 2014 New Jersey, New Jersey Online 
... The commission first allowed controlled hunts at its facilities in the early 1990s. The commission also experimented with a three-year contraceptive program beginning in 1997 that was deemed ineffective because it was too difficult to annually locate tagged deer and administer contraceptive shots... 

... Sterilization definitely did decrease fawn numbers, and doe numbers also declined ... these population reductions were offset by increasing buck numbers...   the ligated [tubal ligation, not ovariectomy] does were unable to become pregnant, they continued to produce chemical signals of readiness to reproduce — signals that can attract bucks from miles away [not an issue with ovariectomy]...See an explanation about why this result shouldn't deter other communities from sterilization ...  the published study from Cornel [PDF]

HHS Seeks Birth Control... For Deer September 25, 2014 Maryland, 
... The NIH site in Maryland is a 500-acre research facility ... overrun with deer; in this case, overrun means an estimated population of thirty to forty... NIH is seeking a solution and seems to have settled upon birth control: specifically, ovariectomies.  Apparently thinking long-term, NIH is not looking for a contractor simply to perform the initial work, but one that can train NIH veterinary staff to perform the operations in the future: ...

... The committee, however, sees the merit of a non-lethal approach in its report.  Over the course of this year, the committee has met with researchers and experts on deer spaying, but for now said it simply will closely follow East Hampton Village’s planned doe spaying program this winter ...

Group Raises Money To Sterilize Deer On Long Island, New York - September 19, 2014

East Hampton, Donors raise $100G for East Hampton Village deer sterilization September 4, 2014 New York, Newsday 
... The Village Preservation Society of East Hampton, a civic group, raised the money from more than 100 donors since mid-June ... The sterilization effort comes after a U.S. Department of Agriculture culling program on the East End, beset by lawsuits and protests by animal-rights activists and hunters, fell far short of expectations ...

Mt. Lebanon creeps toward decision on deer solution August 26, 2014 Pennsylvania, The Almanac 
... Discussion at the Aug. 25 meeting centered on the possibility of allocating $40,000 in unassigned fund balance to deer sterilization... Tony DeNicola, president of wildlife management consultancy White Buffalo, told her new research indicated a community may have to cull 90 percent of its deer population in the initial effort. Otherwise, breeding may soon offset any population reduction...

East Hampton, Board Supports a Deer Spaying Plan April 24, 2014, New York,  East Hampton Star · 
... The East Hampton Village Board gave spaying as part of a deer management program unanimous support last Thursday...  “You have to get this permitting process off the ground,” [Ms. Cunningham] said, “and you can only get it off the ground when you commit to doing the program.” ...
... “Statistics show that 50 percent of the herd must be killed each year to keep pace with the birth rate,” said the society’s chairwoman, Joan D. Osborne. ... Another method must be introduced to bring the herd to sustainable levels. We know that spaying is 100-percent effective at controlling reproduction and would be an easier method to employ in the village.” ...

... These days, eight out of every 10 deer sighted by Wildlife Rescue volunteers around Feinberg’s house have already been sterilized. They will never get pregnant again. And, unlike deer who are killed, sterilized animals will continue to occupy their half-mile ranges, discouraging other deer from moving in. Given those kind of results, The HSUS—which uses innovation and technology to develop humane solutions to wildlife conflicts—has embraced sterilization as an option for reducing deer numbers...

Fairfax City deer spaying update: 18 does sterilized, more next year February 17, 2014 Virginia, Washington Post 
... The program costs about $1,000 per sterilization, which is being paid for the first two years by Wildlife Rescue of Maryland... The program involves shooting the deer with tranquilizer darts, each equipped with a tracking device ... From darting to release took about 90 minutes per deer ... it is being tried .. in small communities in New York, California, Missouri and Maryland. Early results there seem to show a 10 to 15 percent population drop per year, with limited migration of new deer from outside the targeted area. 
... Fairfax City will be working with a contractor to humanely tranquilize and surgically sterilize does via a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove the ovaries... For more information on how you can help, please contact Enid Feinberg with Wildlife Rescue, Inc. at or 410-593-9944.
     Fairfax City will sterilize, not hunt deer December 12, 2013 Virginia, WTOP
... The City of Fairfax will be the first jurisdiction in Virginia to allow female deer to be surgically sterilized in an effort to control the animals' numbers...  Fairfax Mayor Scott Silverthorne ... "(With) archery, there was just too much evidence, at least for me, to get comfortable with the humane question." ...he's heard of cases locally and around the country in which a deer managed to live as long as several days after being shot with an arrow. 

Communities ponder deer sterilization program February 13, 2014 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
... in communities such as Castle Shannon and Mt. Lebanon ... sharp-shooting and bow hunting may not be the right answers for such densely populated areas... Green Tree manager David Montz called the proposed sterilization program "the least controversial measure that I've seen in 20 years." ... residents might accept the sterilization program because they understand the concept of spaying and neutering their pets...  another aerial survey should be done to make sure the problem is acute enough to justify the expense...

Fox News
...  White Buffalo ... hired to conduct sterilization programs in more than 10 states since 1995, including Rhode Island, Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania... Anthony DeNicola, co-founder ...  has more than two decades of experience in wildlife ecology [a Ph.D in Wildlife Ecology with a dissertation related to deer population control and many peer reviewed publications on the topic] ... "Everyone has an opinion and most of them are worthless," DeNicola said of his critics. "No one has ever done anything on this level." ... "You're looking at about $1,000 per deer," he said. "And in [Fairfax City], the cost will be closer to $500 per deer due to local veterinarians donating their time."

Throughout the last three years, more than 60 deer in the Phoenix area of Baltimore County have been spayed... "The procedure is actually less intrusive than when a dog or cat is spayed ..." says Enid Feinberg, volunteer president of the nonprofit group Wildlife Rescue, Inc., which is funding the experimental program... " ... we found that because the deer are no longer pregnant, they're no longer consuming the amount of food that they were. So the browsing and the food consumption has dropped tremendously without having to do any harm to the deer," ... The program initially cost about $1,200 to $1,300 per deer, but Feinberg says it's now down to about $500 per deer...

Mt. Lebanon, Lebo zeroing in on controlling deer October 12, 2013 Pennsylvania, The Almanac
... With sharpshooting, for example, deer are lured to specific areas with bait, then killed with a single bullet to the brain. The cost per deer would be somewhere between $200 and $400. Maddock said the downsides to this approach included negative public perception and legal limits on where firearms could be discharged... Sterilization ...would not involve firearms and could also reduce the long-term costs associated with managing the deer population...

Mt. Lebanon hiring firm to count deer February 7, 2013 Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
... [Commisioner] Mrs. Fraasch has composed and posted online a four-page document, "Deer in Mt. Lebanon [PDF]," ... she expresses her opposition to hunting by rifle or bow, instead favoring sterilization by removal of does' ovaries as a viable option.  She cites a significant cost savings over the long term and mitigation of some hazards associated with culling...

Village of Cayuga Heights suspends deer-culling plan [PDF] November 20, 2012 New York, Ithaca Journal
... the Village Board of Trustees announced that after sending consent forms to the owners of the approximately 900 land parcels that make up the municipality, owners of roughly 90 parcels said they would not allow culling on their property.  The board said that while this only constitutes 10 percent of the land in the village, it would limit the number of feasible sites necessary for the culling strategy to succeed.  As a result, the New York State Department of Conservation has approved the village’s request to increase the number of does it may sterilize from 60 to 145 ... 
Several does die in Cayuga Heights sterilization process January 16, 2013 New York, Ithaca Journal
The village’s deer population control program removed ovaries from 137 female deer in December ...The procedures sterilized more than 90 percent of the village’s deer population, Cayuga Heights Mayor Kate Supron said.  Two does died from attempted captures. One broke its neck in a drop net, and the second fell down a steep hillside after getting shot by a tranquilizer dart ...  Another doe died after it was released...The program cost taxpayers $148,315 ...

San Jose: Deer at the Villages to be sterilized January 22, 2013 California, San Jose Mercury News
 ...  a plan to use archers to thin the herd in 2007 was derailed after a week of angry protests. But a Villages spokesman said the current plan to relocate 30 animals outside of the community's eight miles of fencing and sterilize the does in the 170-strong herd is a humane solution to the growing problem.... Rebecca Dmytryk, president of the animal rescue group Wildlife Emergency Services, said ...  given the enclosed, isolated population at the Villages, sterilization is "probably a great way to go,"
     Village's deer controversy continues February 15, 2013 California, Evergreen Times
... the scientific collecting had not been completed by White Buffalo Inc., the wildlife management firm handling the sterilization ...  General Manager Darren Shaw ... reports that 99 female deer have been sterlized, 30 relocated and four have died.... "It's a total a total disaster," said resident Jack Young, a hunter and fisherman, who was out the first night when the deer were captured ... " ... We don't have a deer problem" ...

Lake Forest will not cull deer; Bannockburn will November 21, 2011 Illinois, Lake Forester
... “Our community implemented a unique program to trap, neuter and release deer in 2006 with the permission of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources,” said Highland Park Deputy City Manager Patrick Brennan. “That program has provided multiple benefits for years.”

Fair Oaks Ranch: Surgery seen way to control for deerOctober 24, 2011 Texas, Boerne Star
,,,City officials approached the wildlife research institute [Dr. Charles DeYoung of the Caesar Klebery Institute at Texas A&M] ... DeYoung said that surgical sterilization was the preferred method, but that a contraceptive vaccine was also an option ... during the discussion, DeYoung said ... more background information ... a six-person team .. would study deer movement and range size ... "Removing deer is not enough as that merely makes an opening for new deer to come in. At the same time, new fawns can easily come in... This is a first-time study of deer movements both within and out of the city limits..."

Deer-kill foes press the issue in Homer Glen November 24, 2011 Illinois, Chicago Tribune
The city [in 2003] ... launched a pilot project to sterilize deer, spending more than $159,000 to outfit an ambulance as a moving veterinary clinic and hiring teams to tranquilize, neuter and release 19 deer. The state did not renew the permit to continue the trial for a second year. ... Steve Mandel, who has served five terms on the Highland Park City Council said "I think what we did must have worked, but I don't think anyone wants to talk about it again."

... Depending on local parameter values, we determined that a population could be reduced by 30% to 60% in 4 - 10 years if a manager could sterilize 25 - 50% of available fertile females annually.  Thus, sterilization may be a viable option for communities with the financial resources and political will to sterilize.

Evaluation of a Trap-Sterilize-Release Program for White-tailed Deer Management in Highland Park, Illinois, 2002-2005 September12, 2005, by Nancy E. Mathews, Ph.D [Full article in attachment at bottom of page]
.... We found that sterilization can control the deer population in Highland Park at the goal population level of 5 deer per mi2, if we can capture and sterilize an average of 32% of the female population per year. Our computer model suggests that the long-term maintenance of the population will require sterilizing an average of 6 does per year. Sterilizing more females will result in achieving the population goal more quickly. The model projections suggest that the population will continue to grow initially and peak at 3.7 years, until the effects of sterilization halt population growth. There after, the population will decline and hover around the target density after 9.5 years. 
     We evaluated the influence of sterilization on the behavior (home-range size and dispersal rates) of the sterilized and control deer. In general, deer used extremely small home ranges in this urban environment and there were no differences in either the home range sizes or dispersal rates of sterilized deer verses the control deer. Fawns used larger home ranges than adults, and home ranges were larger during the winter. Although the sample size is exceedingly small, we found that more treatment deer than control deer made exploratory movements out of their home range. There is also an initial indication that sterilized deer traveled farther and used larger home ranges than control deer. 
     With respect to the efficacy of surgical sterilization under field conditions, we found that tubal ligation, by ventral laparotomy, provides a safe, humane form of sterilization with low mortality in white-tailed deer. The ability to capture, chemically immobilize and perform surgery on wild deer, under field conditions was highly successful.

Officials Work To Spay Deer To Reduce Their Population « CBS Baltimore
Feb 14, 2011 ...  some strange bedfellows. Feinberg is an animal welfare advocate who has carried out a tireless campaign against what she sees as a state bureaucracy that is too quick to use hunting as an answer to deer problems. The professional she hired is Tony DeNicola, a biologist with a doctorate and a national reputation as a deer sharpshooter. The money is from the estate of Gerda Deterer, an animal rehabilitation expert who died in 2009. And the DNR — Feinberg's frequent adversary — approved the effort.
Are Wildlife Services Reluctant to Spay or Use Contraceptives?

Mt. Lebanon, Game Commission would prefer Mt. Lebanon hunt deerNovember 13, 2014 Pennsylvania, The Almanac
... Fujak said any deer management plan would require some kind of ongoing hunting program for approval. He insisted that it is a Pennsylvania regulation, and that hunting is viewed as the primary means of deer control in Pennsylvania...

Federal Wildlife Services makes a killing in animal-control business November 18, 2012 California, San Luis Obispo Tribune
A coyote is caught in a neck snare set by Wildlife Services trappers in Nevada. Wildlife Services trappers have killed .... "Geese, deer and feral pigs can destroy golf course greens, fruiting plants (and) lawns," the agency says.... Erick Wolf, CEO of a California firm called Innolytics, which developed a form of birth control for Canada geese and pigeons with help from Wildlife Services' scientists in Colorado... "All they want to do is shoot, trap and poison," said Wolf. "They don't want to consider anything else."