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White-Tailed Deer Hosts Malaria Parasite inside it, But A Leap to Humans is Unlikely February 6, 2016 Maine

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... Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's genetics center in Washington, D. C., were searching for the source of malaria parasites in birds at the national zoo... not known to cause any risk to humans ... Their find dashes the current belief that no mammals other than people in the Western Hemisphere carry their own native forms of malaria ...
     White-tailed deer have their own form of malaria February 5, 2016 Science News 
... The malaria parasite in deer is a completely different species from the ones that cause disease in humans. A report in 1967 based on one deer in Texas had claimed that the parasite existed and a 1980 paper had named it Plasmodium odocoilei...The parasite has so far appeared at very low concentrations in animals’ blood ...

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