Deer recovery efforts in Maine are working November 4, 2012

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Deer recovery efforts in Maine are working November 4, 2012 Lewiston Sun Journal, Gerry Lavigne served for 30 years as DIFW’s deer biologist 
...  deer populations have declined over the past five years, particularly in northern Maine ... During the 1970s, 12 percent of northern Maine sheltered deer. Currently, about 4 percent of the land base is deer yard. A good portion of this loss can be attributed to the millions of northern Maine acres lost in the 1980s from spruce budworm ... If northern Maine deer populations are to recover, deer losses to coyote predation must be reduced. ... Despite the old saw that coyotes only kill the old and sick deer, research has shown that coyotes kill deer non-selectively when deer flounder in deep snow...

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