Supplemental feeding of deer can be a benefit September 29, 2012 Maine

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Supplemental feeding of deer can be a benefit September 29, 2012 Maine, The Press Herald
...Maine's deer herd is in trouble ...  IFW recently proposed adopting rules to regulate deer feeding. The primary impetus is to minimize potential public safety hazards or detrimental effects on deer, as well as minimizing the risk of chronic wasting disease... Dr. Grant Woods is a well-known whitetail authority who manages deer and their habitat throughout North America. He points out, "It's tough to pinpoint a correlation between feeding and CWD. The highest prevalence right now is in parts of the West, where it's mostly public land, and no feeding is allowed. Meanwhile in Texas, where more deer feeding occurs than anywhere else on the planet, CWD has only recently been detected in the extreme western edge of the state."

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