Bill to allow deer-baiting shot down in committee March 7, 2017 Maine,

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Bill to allow deer-baiting shot down in committee March 7, 2017 Maine, Press Herald
... baiting can concentrate the deer herd, making the animals more susceptible to chronic wasting disease ...  if baiting results in a higher hunting success rate, the deer season might have to be shortened or the number of any-deer permits might have to be reduced ...

Deer baiting gets lively debate at legislature March 9, 2017 Maine, Bangor Daily News
... Opponents of deer baiting use the argument “with the deer bunched up around bait, it may spread outbreaks of CWD or other diseases”. This again is a very weak argument. Whitetail deer group up every winter in suitable winter habitat (of which we have very little left) and in areas where they are being fed and have been fed for quite some time during the winter months...

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