Moose permit increase approved, but any-deer hunting permits may be reduced May 21, 2019 Maine

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... because of the high number of does taken last season ... proposed issuing 68,145 any-deer permits for the fall hunt, a 20 percent reduction from last year’s record number of 84,745... Severe winter conditions in northern and western Maine this year ... [population] estimated at 230,000 to 250,000 white-tailed deer ..,   

... scaled back the proposal for this year’s permit allocation by 19.6 percent, to 68,145... a decrease year-over-year, the total is still the second highest for any-deer permits in the past 15 years..,
Year    Deer Permits  Deer Hunters
2019      68,145         (Registered)
2018      84,745           32,438
2017      66,050           27,233
2016      45,755           23,512
2015      28,770           20,325 

Any-deer permits by district June 3, 2019 Maine, Bangor Daily News
... The winter of 2018-19 was mild to moderate in central, southern, and coastal Maine and severe to very severe in northern Maine and the western mountains. This resulted in average to above-average estimated survival rates in central, southern, and coastal Maine and below-average survival rates in northern and western Maine..,

Bangor Daily News
... “On the whole, it was a very severe winter in northern Maine,” ... comparable to the winters of 2008 and 2009 in terms of its impact on the deer herd ... more hunters and landowners in northern Maine are showing interest in planting food plots for deer ..,

State deer permits drop by 20 percent after hearty doe harvest July 11, 2019 Maine, Portland Press Herald
... the statewide deer herd – now an estimated at 230,000 to 250,000 white-tailed deer ... The state recorded 32,451 deer taken last season ..,

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