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Chandler Woodcock looks to rebuild Maine's deer herd August 2, 2011 Maine,

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Chandler Woodcock looks to rebuild Maine's deer herd August 2, 2011 Maine, Portland Press Herald

... While there are no clear estimates of Maine's deer population at present, Woodcock said the number is believed to be down from its all-time peak by 50 percent. The severity of the decline is reflected in the deer-harvest totals, which dropped from 29,918 in 2006 to 20,063 in 2010....action by the Legislature, which passed a bill calling for a number of moves, including identification and management of more deer yards, updating deer population goals and controlling predators, particularly coyotes....slashed any-sex deer permits to rebuild the herd by 46 percent to 26,390 for this coming fall....

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