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Hunters, biologists disagree on coyote's impact on deer November 20, 2011 Maine

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Hunters, biologists disagree on coyote's impact on deerNovember 20, 2011 Maine, Lewiston Sun Journal

... deer populations have dropped to alarming levels in all but southern Maine,... “We’re in a cycle right now where we’ve had some pretty rugged winters for deer over the last five years,” said [ Lee Kantar, Maine’s deer and moose biologist]. “This time of the year when there’s no snow on the ground, coyotes are not running amok killing deer willy-nilly. That’s just not happening. There’s no evidence of that.”... “It’s really the inter-relationship between poor habitat and the presence of coyotes that has made this the problem that it is,” said [ Gerry Lavigne, a recently retired state deer biologist]

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