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Maine Deer Management Plan June 6, 2011

Maine Fish and Wildlife magazine  (This link will download a word document describing Maine's latest deer management plans)  June 6, 2011 

It's a fact that cannot be disputed: Maine's deer are widely loved and appreciated by ALL of the people of Maine. We like to watch them as they graze in a ...We’re taking to the air, conducting more aerial surveys to document deer wintering areas and to study populations. The departments of Conservation and Marine Resources are helping us in this effort, augmenting Maine Warden Service aircraft and pilots. We’re in the field conducting deer productivity surveys, and we’re working with the Department of Transportation to develop highly visible signs to alert drivers to deer in areas where there’s a high rate of collisions. Also, we will be going throughout the state, including attending sportsman shows and rod and gun club meetings, to promote this plan. I encourage all of you to come on board and help us, just like a number of leading outdoor groups have promised to do.

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