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Mark Latti: 'Game Plan for Deer' puts coyotes in the crosshairs Press Herald March 27, 2011 Maine

Mark Latti: 'Game Plan for Deer' puts coyotes in the crosshairs
Press Herald  March 27, 2011 Maine  Population  

Now, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is asking those who love the outdoors to do it once again, this time to save the deer herd from all but disappearing in northern, western and eastern Maine. On March 17, IFW Commissioner Chandler ...The plan outlines a road to recovery for Maine's deer herd. It has five components involving deer wintering habitat, population management, predator control, planning and public outreach..The Alaska Department of Fish and Game deploys a predator-control program on wolves and bears to stabilize or reverse declining moose and caribou populations in parts of the state. State officials say it works, but they also say predator programs are effective only when, among other factors, habitat can support more prey..

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