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Outdoors in Maine: The coyote/wolf parallel April 10, 2011 Maine Population Managemen

Outdoors in Maine: The coyote/wolf parallel  April 10, 2011 Maine  Population Management  Lewiston Sun Journal
By V. Paul Reynolds 

Would it be fair to say that a wolf is to an elk what a coyote is to a deer? A wolf, like a coyote, is a meat-eating predator that team-hunts its prey. An elk, like a deer, is a browsing ruminate, and an ideal, protein-loaded dinner ... in Maine, thanks to the coyote that came on the scene back in the 1960s, Maine's deer numbers have also been on a downward spiral. During this free fall of Maine's north woods deer numbers, most of our state wildlife biologists caution sportsmen not to jump to conclusions, that deer mortality can be attributed as much to winter severity and habitat as predation by coyotes. 

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