History of Maine Moose Hunt October 7, 2019

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History of Maine Moose Hunt October 7, 2019 Bangor Daily News
... Early 1900s: The state’s moose population drops to just a few thousand, statewide, after years of unrestricted hunting, including market hunting, by which animals would be shot and then sold for meat, and the continued clearing of forests for farmland..,

Maine Moose and Winter Ticks May 1, 2020  Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
     Maine’s core moose population has remained relatively stable over the last ten years, but this comes after a century of fluctuation. Maine’s moose population experienced a severe decline to an estimated 2,000 individuals in the early 1900s. However, with improved hunting restrictions and forest regeneration, the moose population experienced significant growth into the 1990’s to an estimated 29,000 and likely reached their highest population by the year 2000. Pioneering new techniques MDIFW estimated moose at around 76,000 in 2012. Since the recovery, climate change has begun to influence the success and proliferation of winter tick, leading to poor reproduction and low calf survival past one year of age. Without intervention, biologists believe that the population will likely destabilize ..,

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