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Chesterville, Reward for information on deer killing increased to $3500 May 5, 2015 Maine

Maine Deer in the News Archive

Chesterville, Reward for information on deer killing increased to $3500 May 5, 2015 Maine, Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
... Wardens are investigating the killing of four deer, in Chesterville, Jay, Livermore and Leeds. The case was opened on April 22, when game wardens found a doe with a fatal gunshot wound to the side near the intersection of Bragdon Road and East Road in Chesterville. The doe was pregnant with two fawns, according to Wardens...
... The act of shooting four does, leaving the bodies where they lay, is bizarre, disrespectful ... One deer, pregnant with twins, was found dead, shot in the spine, last Wednesday near the intersection of East and Bragdon roads in Chesterville ...
     Reward hiked as more dead deer found in Franklin County April 28, 2015 Maine, Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
... Wardens said the four dead does, found in Chesterville, the East Livermore area of Livermore Falls, Livermore and Leeds “appear to have been killed under similar circumstances and left to waste,” ... reward $2,000 ... 
      Warden service seeks information after pregnant deer is shot April 24, 2015 Maine, Daily Bulldog
... Game wardens are seeking information pertaining to the illegal killing of a pregnant doe near the intersection of Bragdon and East Road Wednesday afternoon... 1-800-ALERTUS (1-800-253-7887) 

Three more deer found fatally shot, left to waste May 6, 2015 Maine, Lewiston Sun Journal
... Anyone who saw suspicious activity in the areas of Leeds, Livermore, Livermore Falls, East Livermore, Chesterville, Jay, or surrounding areas are strongly encouraged to anonymously call Operation Game Thief at 1-800-253-7887. 

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