Population, Experts share tips as rifle season approaches November 16, 2017 Alabama

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Population, Experts share tips as rifle season approaches November 16, 2017 Alabama, The Decatur Daily
... Statewide, there are an estimated 1.5 million deer in Alabama, giving it one of the densest deer populations nationwide, Weathers said. That figure has remained largely steady for the past two decades, he said, adding that hunting brings $1.8 billion in revenue to the state annually..,

Deer season off to strong start December 23, 2017 Alabama, Tuscaloosa News
... last year’s hunting was spoiled not only by the drought but also by heavy thunderstorms on weekends after the drought broke... Comparisons to last year really aren’t valid ... this has been a much better year for growing food plots..,

2017 Alabama Deer Forecast September 10, 2018 Alabama Game and Fish Magazine
... what is perceived as declining deer numbers,” said Chris Cook, Deer Studies Project leader for the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. “That’s primarily up in north-central Alabama ... In other parts of the state, deer numbers appear to be stable ... 

Alabama Deer Population, frustration January 3, 2019 Aldeer.com
... I’ve seen Chucky Sykes spread estimates of 1.6 million deer statewide. We all know that’s incredibly high and have heard many estimate it’s more around 1.2 million. Let’s be fair to both sides and say 1.4. There’s 34 million acres in Alabama putting a statewide average of 1 deer per 25 acres..,

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