Dauphin Island Deer Moved in Retaliation December 17, 2013 Alabama

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Dauphin Island Deer Moved in Retaliation December 17, 2013 Alabama
     According to information from people at the scene in Dauphin Island, on Thursday, December 4th, the car of the deer’s care takers was stolen by an individual who is related to a city employee. During the process of filing the police report and recovering the vehicle, the victims complained about the city employee and how the police handled the situation. That same day, a formal complaint about the deer was placed. With no communication with the care takers, no authority and without following the proper process the deer where removed from the island. [Photo from Staci Curtiss]

Dauphin Island deer tales bring about relocation, comment (Press-Register Sound Off) December 18, 2013 Alabama, Birmingham News 
...  The conservation officers and the law on this subject in Alabama, in this case, is wrong. It would be different if they found the deer in the woods and just took it home. But on this occasion the mother was dead and they knew it... These laws need to be changed... 

This is a story of two doe fawns that were rescued and cared for by the community of Dauphin Island, AL. The Alabama Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries removed the harmless babies a couple of weeks ago. Please help us get them back home where they belong. Link for petition below. Thanking you in advance for your support in getting DAISY and DARBY HOME where they belong! - Alabama, December 28, 2013

Dauphin Island Deer Moved for Safety Reasons December 17, 2013 Alabama, WKRG-TV
... The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources removed the Dauphin Island deer—commonly known as Daisy and Darby—for safety reasons.... [comments from readers on this article express disbelief at this explanation]

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