Allow fawns to return to mothers August 12, 2012 Arizona

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Allow fawns to return to mothers August 12, 2012 Arizona, Arizona Daily Sun, Shelly Shepard, Public Information Officer, Arizona Game and Fish
... On behalf of the Game and Fish Department, I want to thank the residents in the area where the fawn was photographed. They did the right thing and left the fawn alone and it was reunited with its mother. The timing of the photo raises an issue that Game and Fish unfortunately sees every year at this time when cow elk and doe deer are giving birth to calves and fawns. We hear about and receive several young animals because people do the wrong thing and pick them up, take them home, feed them, and then call us after several days because they don't know what to do with the animals. I want to remind everyone that if you come across an elk calf, a deer or antelope fawn, please leave it alone -- the mother has gone off to feed, rest or get water and will return for her baby. ...

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