State Vows Lawsuit To Stop Wolf Plan January 9, 2015 Arizona

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State Vows Lawsuit To Stop Wolf PlanJanuary 9, 2015 Arizona, Payson Roundup
... Arizona Game and Fish filed its lawsuit threat this week in an attempt to block a proposed expansion of the 15-year-old federal recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolves. ... Critics of the wolf reintroduction effort say they fear the wolves will drive ranchers out of business by preying on cattle and sheep and reduce hunter success by preying on deer and elk.

Wolves get more area to roam in Ariz., N.M. January 13, 2015 Arizona,
... Under the Fish and Wildlife proposal, livestock owners could kill any wolf that is biting, wounding or killing livestock on federal land. Pet owners could do the same... The last count in January 2013 showed at least 83 wolves in the wild in the two states...

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