Protectors of our wildlife June 14, 2015 Arkansas,

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Protectors of our wildlife June 14, 2015 Arkansas, Arkansas Online
... Deer numbers declined dramatically, with only about 2,000 left by 1919...  After much cajoling, the 1917 legislature imposed a moratorium on hunting does until 1922 ... The great flood of 1927 killed many deer, and in 1930 a statewide count found only 500 animals, but numbers gradually grew. By 1946 the estimated deer population rose to 31,500 ... 

Triple Trophy Award available to deer hunters February 7, 2020 Arkansas, Log Cabin Democrat
... at one point in the 1930s, only 500 deer were estimated to still exist in Arkansas.  Unregulated market hunting and subsistence hunting nearly caused them to be completely wiped out...The AGFC introduced deer from other states and relocated deer to game refuges, where deer were protected ..,

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