Massive Deer Herd Fell To Death Near Bishop Pass November 20, 2017 California

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Massive Deer Herd Fell To Death Near Bishop Pass November 20, 2017, California, SuperTopo
... Apparently last night, these deer and many, many others (around 100 deer) were trying to make their way to their wintering grounds on this side of the mountains and hit ice on very steep areas. From below Lone Pine to Bishop Pass these deer hit the ice and tumbled down the steep boulders to their deaths, or to mortal injury. Brad was told that the couple in the picture were actually slitting the throats of the mortally injured in order to put them out of their pain. ..

Slippery Slope December 6, 2017 California, Kaweah Commonwealth
... 122 mule deer have been confirmed dead near two mountain passes due to icy conditions that have remained on the steep slopes since last winter’s snowfall. The deer lost their footing while attempting to navigate the ice ...

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