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California Disease of Deer

California Deer Disease News Archive

Subpages (20): CDFW Expands Statewide Sampling for Chronic Wasting Disease September 19, 2019 California, CDFW Monitoring Deer Mortalities Throughout State October 20, 2015 California CDFW Reminds Hunters to Help Keep Chronic Wasting Disease Out of California September 19, 2014 Deer Hair Loss Symdrome October 29, 2012 Deer Hair-loss Syndrome Challenges California Researchers May 17, 2013 California DFG Reminds Hunters to Help Keep Chronic Wasting Disease Out of California October 12, 2011 Eurasian lice infesting local deer June 5, 2013 California Exotic lice lead to hair loss in deer; DFG continues program to track deer, symptons January 30, 2012 California Funds cut for meat locker disease testing; CWD has not been found in deer, elk October 1, 2011 California Hair Loss Syndrome Strikes States Deer Herd CDFW Highlights Wildlife Stories of 2013 January 9, 2014 California Hunters Advised to Protect California Deer from Chronic Wasting ... November 6, 2010 Invading Deer Lice Torment Two California Species May 28, 2013 Large tumors found on a deer in the Lakeport Area November 16, 2013 California Lice Outbreak in CA May be Causing Balding Deer, Impacting Herd Numbers May 31, 2013 California, Mysterious deer deaths remain unsolved April 22, 2013 California New Lice Wreaks Havoc on Northern California Deer May 17, 2013 California No Deer Hair-Loss Problem Yet June 20, 2013 California Out-of-state deer being inspected | disease, deer, game November 16, 2010 California Sick, dying deer being tracked by state November 6, 2015 California, Sierra Deer Hair Loss Study August, 2012, California