Invading Deer Lice Torment Two California Species May 28, 2013

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Invading Deer Lice Torment Two California Species May 28, 2013 Capital Public Radio News
... Deer lice have made their way from Washington to Northern California ....  One type of lice is affecting Black Tail Deer near the coast of California and two types are attacking the California Mule Deer found in the Central Sierra Nevada foothills...

Scratchy, Lousy Deer May 26, 2013 Califonia,  SoCal Wild
... biologist Greg Gertenberg who is tracking reports of lice on deer across the state, mainly in mountains of Northern California, but now it appears to be moving into – or already here – in Southern California...  the lice makes it difficult for fawns to survive — which could eventually impact all California deer...

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