Deer Management Plan March, 2015 CDFW, California

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Deer Management Plan March, 2015 CDFW, California
... Comments due by April 30, 2015  ... CDFW has completed a Draft California Deer Conservation and Management Plan (Draft Plan) and is seeking public comment on the content. This Draft Plan is an update to the 1976 A Plan for California Deer...
 The most important goals of the Draft Plan are to manage the state’s deer and deer habitats on a landscape level and to develop and implement robust population management methods. CDFW is proposing planning by the Deer Conservation Unit (DCU), and 10 individual DCU plans will be prepared. Landscape level planning will allow CDFW to collect population data comparable at larger scales and assess the needs of deer on a landscape level ... The public may comment on the plan in one of two ways:  By U.S. Mail to: Deer Plan, 1812 Ninth Street, Sacramento, CA 95811, or By electronic mail to:
... Download the Draft California Deer Conservation and Management Plan (PDF).

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