The elk are coming! The elk are coming! December 17, 2017 California

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The elk are coming! The elk are coming! December 17, 2017 California, Oroville Mercury Register
... California seeks to consolidate the management of 22 elk herds of about 13,000 scattered in the center of the state... Prior to Europeans, there were about 10 million elk in all of the USA. Due to excessive hunting the population dropped to about 50,000, and through restocking it’s up to about 1 million...

... Each elk will be ear tagged and fitted with a GPS collar. Pregnant female elk from specific herds will receive an additional transmitter that will monitor their pregnancies and aid biologists in finding their calves in the spring. The collars will provide detailed information about elk for approximately two years. This information will enhance CDFW’s knowledge of current elk distribution ...

grow their new antlers March 31, 2018 California, Tehachapi News
... California Mule Deer and American Elk — have begun to grow their new antlers... In Elk, the antlers can reach a length of four feet and weigh as much as 40 pounds...

California's elk need protection. The state needs to try harder to bring them back April 10, 2018 Sacramento Bee
... More than 500,000 of them once roamed from the state ... and tule elk, which are found nowhere else. By 1872 only a few of this smallest California species remained. And while a variety of largely uncoordinated efforts were made to protect elk in California, by the 1960s the population had plummeted to around 1,600 animals..,

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