Mountain lions to blame for thinning deer herds April 24, 2012 California, Modesto Bee

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Mountain lions to blame for thinning deer herds April 24, 2012 California, Modesto Bee, By Steve Hoek 
... On average, a lion kills every 9 to 14 days ... If we use the average of a kill every 14 days this equates to 26 kills per lion in one year. ... estimates there are 4,000 to 6,000 mountain lions in the state. We can estimate then that 104,000 to 156,000 deer are killed per year by lions, which amounts to about 25 percent of the total deer population every year ... The Department of Fish and Game did a four-year study on the mule deer population in Round Valley.... They found that 50 percent of the tagged mule deer were killed by mountain lions in the first two years. 

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