Wildlife-Friendly Range Fence 2013 California

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Wildlife-Friendly Range Fence 2013 California, Carmel River Watershed Stewardship Manual
... In most cases, a 40-inch tall fence on level ground with a minimum of 12-inch spacing between the top two wires will be sufficient to prevent adult deer injuries and mortalities.  Additional accommodations will be needed to allow for passage under the fence for juvenile deer that prefer not to, or are incapable of, jumping over the fence.  Whenever feasible, use smooth wire for the top and bottom wires to reduce injuries.  Fences should be low enough for adult animals to jump, preferably 40” or less, and the top two wires should be no less than 12” apart. Deer easily tangle their back legs if the top wires are closer together. The bottom wire or rail should be high enough for fawns to crawl under, at least 18” from the ground...

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