Aerial survey estimates of fallow deer abundance [PDF] 2012

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 Aerial survey estimates of fallow deer abundance [PDF] 2012  California Fish and Game
… We used ground surveys to determine distribution and ground and aerial surveys and individually marked deer to estimate the abundance of fallow deer in north-coastal California.  Estimated post-rut densities across 4 annual surveys ranged from a low of 1.4 per squared kilometer to a high 3.3 deer per square kilometer in a low density stratum and from 49.0 deer per square kilometer to 11.6 deer per square kilometer in a high density stratum.  Sightability was positively influenced by the presence of white color-phase deer in a group and group size, and varied between aerial and ground-based observers and by density strata.  Our findings underscore the utility of double-observer surveys and aerial surveys with individually marked deer, both incorporating covariates to model sightability, to estimate deer abundance.

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