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Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Never use pellets to fight pellets August 25, 2016 Colorado, Durango Telegraph
... It is illegal to shoot deer that are eating landscaping in Colorado. At minimum this would be wildlife harassment and could be considered unlawful hunting...   Permanent fencing around the plants to keep out deer is likely the best long-term solution.  Electric fencing could be set up on either a permanent or short-term basis...

Alliums, with large globes of tiny white, purple, yellow or blue flowers that rise from bulbs on slender green stems as high as 4 feet tall, they look like giant, fluffy lollipops.  Deer Resistant.

Hoophouses save the garden from havoc May 15, 2015 The Daily Sentine
...  we had built mini-hoophouses with netting to protect the garden from our own chickens’ destructive tendencies, and they doubled as deer-proof fencing.  They’ve also proven to protect against wild birds, which sometimes eat new seedlings...

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