US 550 work begins [deer guards and electric signs] August 22, 2011 Colorado

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US 550 work begins [deer guards and electric signs] August 22, 2011 Colorado The Durango Herald

Four wildlife escape ramps and five "deer guards" - similar to cattle guards - will be constructed. A wildlife-detection system will be installed at each end of the fencing, similar to the detection system installed in 2009 on US Highway 160...An underground cable will emit an electromagnetic field that becomes disrupted when large animals such as deer, elk and horses cross. The system then activates electronic signs to warn motorists that wildlife is near the road....Fencing is the most successful way to reduce wildlife accidents, said Mike McVaugh, CDOT traffic and safety engineer. But in heavily traveled migration routes, fences can't always be used, and the electronic-detection system has a proven benefit, he said.

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