Charles Island: Why is Connecticut Slaughtering Deer? March 16, 2011

Connecticut state employees slaughtered 17 deer on Charles Island last week, a move that has angered many animal advocates in the area. 

Three biologists who work for the Department of Environmental Protection went to Charles Island and killed the 17 deer because they “were a threat to the habitat” and were going to starve to death for lack of adequate food. The DEP also said that the deer may have been diseased.

The Humane Society has spoken out against the killings, pointing out that herons and egrets nest in older trees and they do so up high. Since deer neither climb trees nor cut them down, their presence should be irrelevant to the birds’ nesting habits.

The other argument, that the deer were starving, seems a flimsy excuse for shooting them. When has it ever been a good idea to save an animal’s life by shooting it?

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