Discussion in Connectictut About Deer Population March 8, 2016 Bowsite.com, Summary by Glen Ekstrom

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Discussion in Connectictut About Deer Population March 8, 2016 Bowsite.com, Summary by Glen Ekstrom
     Connecticut is claiming 100,000 deer in 2016; reality shows approximately 50,000; 1/2 of what the State claims. In 2007 Connecticut had 62,189 deer (mean statewide deer density) on their last statewide deer survey; since then we have lost approximately 20% of our herd, leaving approximately 50,000 deer or 10.32 dpsm. Throughout the last 15 years and even today the CT DEEP maintains there are approximately 20 dpsm throughout Connecticut to maintain their yearly license sales revenues for the general fund. [Data below]

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Greenwich, CT. FLIR Deer Survey 2016 July 18, 2016 Connecticut, Bowsite.com, Glen Ekstrom 
      In 2016 Vision Air Research was contracted to perform a Forward Looking Infrared survey to determine the deer population in Greenwich, CT. The survey was conducted between 1600-0200 hours; February 27-28, 2016. The results of this survey showed a total of 313 deer  located in 111 groups. Group size ranged from 1 – 10 deer with most deer groups in the 1 – 3 size range.
      The FLIR survey for Greenwich averaged 7.27 deer per square mile and should be compared to the estimated 22.4 or 44.8 corrected deer per square mile claimed by the DEEP for 2015 in Zone 11. The 2016 FLIR survey covered 43 square miles in Greenwich, 90% and therefore represents a true census of its whitetail deer population. In contrast, the DEEP transect surveys for 2015 are based on surveying only .3% of Greenwich. 
      By sampling only fractions of the town, the DEEP surveys can only reliably report the number of deer in those fractions. The CT DEEP attempts to extrapolate the results as town-wide numbers and as a result their numbers are grossly overstated. Wildlife seek out preferred habitat in a town and will never be equally distributed in any town. The repeat surveys merely demonstrate that anyone can repeat the same error multiple times and get the same wrong answer.   In the last six years Fairfield County, CT; Zones 11 and 12 have lost 50% of the deer through over harvest do to unlimited doe tags, baiting and the January harvest.

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