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Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Deer Resistant Plants and Repellents

Deer Resistant Plants, Woodstock Conservation Commission: Woodstock, CT 

Bulbs, yes, but no food for deer April 14, 2014  Connecticut, CT Post
... Daffodils ... Deer won't eat them ... Hyacinths also don't particularly appeal to deer ...  grape hyacinths, or muscari... Small bulbls:  Snowdrop, striped squill, also known as puschkinia ... English bluebells and wood hyacinth ...

Delightful Deer and the Damage They Do October 6, 2015 Connecticut, Redding Nursery
...  This blog provides information about how to protect your landscaping from deer damage ... Redding Nursery has been protecting Fairfield County landscaping for nearly 35 years with a professional-strength taste deterrent, DeerPro™ Winter Animal Repellent...

Deer Resistant:  Astilbe are clump-forming perennials, are low maintenance, will bloom in full shade and  come in a variety of colors: white, pink, purple, or red..

Popular Deer Repellant Also Promotes Plant Growth June 13, 2011 Connecticut
     A Newtown man creates a product in his basement that has become one of the most popular deer repellants in the industry. Citing results of a Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station study released last year, he said the original Bobbex proved to be more effective than any of the substances produced by several competitors in preventing deer damage.

Killer Fungus Threatens Popular Connecticut Shrubs — Boxwood December 12, 2011 Hartford Courant
     It is a handsome shrub that is slow growing and deer resistant, endearing it to homeowners. "We stand to lose millions and millions of dollars," said Bob Heffernan, director of the Connecticut Nursery & Landscape Association, a trade group. ...