Shelton, Deer overpopulation in Shelton? May 16, 2014 Connecticut May 16, 2014

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Shelton, Deer overpopulation in Shelton? May 16, 2014 Connecticut May 16, 2014
... over the last two years the CT DEEP has manipulated data on deer populations claiming Shelton, CT has over 1,500 deer or 48 deer per square mile... Shelton, CT is  31.9 square miles and has approximately 450 deer or 14 deer per square mile within it`s borders... Comment from reader:  This exactly what they did in redding they claim you have a deer problem then they bring in their buddy's at white buffalo to come shoot your deer and charge 1500-2000 per deer and the taxpayers pay the cost! Of course they will do aerial surveys from a helicopter but never tape it so you can't count the REAL number of deer seen... The only way to accurately count deer is with an FLIR aerial survey like they did in Westport. 

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