Rose Valley schedules vote on deer hunt‎ 9/30/2010 Delaware

Rose Valley schedules vote on deer hunt‎ 9/30/2010 Delaware County Daily Times 

The controversy and cost of a deer cull in the borough this season prompted council to hold a public ..
Following similar public discussion last year, council voted in December to approve bow-and-arrow harvesting on borough land.

Representatives of Eccologix Biodiversity Consulting Group, a professional deer and habitat management company, attended the meeting to discuss viable options. Council also prepared a Q&A handout, which estimated the likely number of deer in the borough at 35. Based on guidelines from the U.S. Forestry Service, 10-12 would be the ecological carrying capacity.

“The deer eat native vegetation, carry Lyme disease [deer do not carry Lyme disease, see research page] and can cause car accidents along Rose Valley Road,” said Councilman Dave Firn. “Our best estimate is that up to 30 should be taken.”

Eccologix, which proposed charging $189 per animal, could use a combination of sharp shooting and archery. 

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