Deer have a taste for wildflowers January 20, 2012

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Deer have a taste for wildflowers January 20, 2012 Florida Wildflower Foundation

... recently published involving the departments of Wildlife Ecology ... and Environmental Horticulture ... Deer clearly preferred Florida Tickseed, Coastalplain Tickseed, Fringeleaf Tickseed and Orange Coneflower (the percentage of plants browsed was 67, 60, 48, and 42 percent, respectively) ... deer-browsing did not affect flowering of Coastalplain Tickseed ... Details:   Volume 4, 2011 issue of the journal Southeastern Naturalist: DeGroote, L.W., H.K. Ober, J.H. Aldrich, J.G. Norcini, and G.W. Knox. 2011. Susceptibility of cultivated native wildflowers to deer damage. Southeastern Naturalist 10(4):761-771. 

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