2018 Impact of Hurricane Irma on Key Deer

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...  after Hurricane Irma's devastating destruction.  "The freshwater ponds the deer used for drinking became filled with seawater," Emery said. "Residents began using buckets to give the deer something to drink. We had deer walking in and out of homes there." ..,

Study provides insight on how to minimize the impacts of severe weather on wildlife January 23, 2020 Florida, EurekAlert!
... a recent issue of Proceedings of the Royal Society B ...  "During the storm, we observed ...: deer ...selecting the pine forests at higher elevations. More than half of the animals we tracked left their home range for higher terrain." ... because deer seek higher elevations of pine forests during heavy storms, it is essential that land managers and conservationists protect and manage these environments..,

How Big Pine Key's Deer Refuge Was Impacted During Irma June 2, 2018 Florida, NBC 6 South Florida
... many deer were unable to survive. The population had already dropped because of the screw worm outbreak in 2016... yes there’s key deer that made it ..,

... In the last couple of years, Key deer have been hit with an outbreak of screwworm, the first in the continental U.S. in three decades, and Hurricane Irma. Now federal wildlife managers are quietly reviewing their protected status..,

Florida’s Endangered Key Deer Survived Hurricane Irma—but Their Future Is Stormy November 17, 2017 www.nrdc.org
... Since the last Ice Age 11,000 years ago, the species has become so adapted to island living that it has shrunk down to no more than 32 inches tall ... In the two months since the storm, wildlife managers at the National Key Deer Refuge have determined that nearly all of the endangered Key deer survived...,

Key Deer Population Makes it Through Another Major Incident October 20, 2017 Florida, Keys Recovery
... The most recent estimate collected prior to Hurricane Irma determined approximately 1,100 Key deer occupied the core range on Big Pine and No Name keys. Survey estimates post-Hurricane Irma suggest 949 Key deer live in these same areas..,

... The biggest concern immediately after the storm was the lack of freshwater. The Lower Keys were inundated with a storm surge of saltwater. Refuge managers provided kiddie pools and other receptacles of freshwater to help the herd get through until rains replenished the freshwater ..,

Endangered deer come through Irma September 29, 2017 Florida, FL Keys News
... Key deer roaming around after Hurricane Irma ... numbers won’t be available until next week ... officers are surveying the refuge..,
  Thirsty Key deer get a helping hand after Irma September 27, 2017 Florida, Mother Nature Network MNN
... Bucking long-standing policy, the FWS decided that residents and employees could provide water to the deer, though feeding the deer is not encouraged..,

  Thirsty Key deer slurps down 4 bottles of rescuers' water September 19, 2017 Florida, Orlando Sentinel
... In the Facebook video, the little deer with a partially black snout eagerly slurps water from a plastic bottle... Hurricane Irma likely mixed a lot of salt water with the fresh water that animals, like the Key deer, would normally drink...
...A key deer begged for attention from the deputies, "It's almost as if they were glad to see us, " ...

 Endangered Key Deer Spotted After Getting Worst Of Irma September 11, 2017 Florida, CBSlocal
...  group of four were spotted on Big Pine Key, running among the debris, around 10 a.m.- about 24 hours after the hurricane hit... What’s become of the rest of the deer population is unknown ..,
     What happened to the tiny Key deer during Hurricane Irma?  September 11, 2017 Florida,  Miami Herald
... The key deer habitat is only about 15 miles east of where Irma’s eye made landfall in the Keys Sunday morning.  What’s become of the key deer is not known. But, Clark said, not much could have been done to protect the wild animals ..,
     The Latest: Florida Refuge for Unique Deer in Path of Irma September 10, 2017 Florida, U.S. News & World Report
... The Florida Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key is about 10 miles from where the storm made landfall Sunday morning..,

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