Airplane-deer collisions might prompt shoot-to-kill order May 6, 2015 Florida

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Airplane-deer collisions might prompt shoot-to-kill order May 6, 2015 Florida, NW Florida Daily News
... Deer that continue to wander onto the runways and taxiways at Bob Sikes Airport will be shot, according to the county’s new agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture... temporary until permanent fencing can be installed ...

Be careful, Bambi, at Bob Sikes May 12, 2015 Florida, The Northwest Florida Daily News
...  Bob Sikes Airport near Crestview ... action could include what’s daintily called “lethal deer removal operations.”  That means deer at the airport could be shot... blowing away Bambi will be the last resort. Good. Hurry up and install the fencing...

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