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Hunter-hating sports editor gets rude awakening October 26, 2010 Georgia Georgia

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Hunter-hating sports editor gets rude awakening 10/26/2010 Georgia The Augusta Chronicle (blog)

In a nutshell, the writer, Josh Briggs, apparently took offense after he was sent a photo of a father and son with the boy's deer, and was asked to publish the picture.

"Once upon a time, not anymore, we needed to trap, hunt and kill wild animals for survival. Then, we learned to be farmers and ranchers. Then, we invented the rail system and had the ability to ship goods. Eventually, we no longer had a need to kill wild animals. Yet for some reason, a lot of people feel they still do. Because being the perverse species we are, we turned it into a sport."

There is more: "When you are at war, it's you or your enemy. You look for the upper hand. You find an elevated position, sit for hours or even days on end and wait. That's fine. At least your enemy knows you're out there... But a deer has no clue. When you sit in a tree stand and wait for a deer to come through your baited area, it's just a matter of time."

Sports editor didn't “en-deer” himself 10/24/2010 Georgia Covington News 
Which brings me to the story written by our Sports Editor in Wednesday's paper that slammed the practice of hunting in general and particularly deer hunting ...

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