Idaho Fish and Game Chronic Wasting Disease Action Plan [PDF] August 18, 2012

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Idaho Fish and Game Chronic Wasting Disease Action Plan [PDF] August 18, 2012 IDFG
... The disease is endemic in deer and elk in areas of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, but also occurs in wild white-tailed or mule deer in Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, and Virginia and in Alberta and Saskatchewan. CWD has been found in captive elk in six states and two Canadian provinces. The disease has not been found in Idaho.... The mode of transmission in deer and elk is unknown, but lateral transmission of the prion through salvia, urine, feces or carcass parts and/or environmental contamination from these same sources is considered the most likely route... The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) regulates the importation and possession of all species of deer except reindeer, fallow deer and elk, and licenses individuals to possess such deer ...

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