Deer, Elk Suspected of Spreading Noxious Weed Seeds on Farmland October 11, 2013 Idaho

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Deer, Elk Suspected of Spreading Noxious Weed Seeds on FarmlandOctober 11, 2013 Idaho, Twin Falls Times-News
... Organic farmer Cleve Smith, of Sublett, said the deer and elk herds are getting larger and they eat noxious weeds like morning glory in infested areas. The seeds pass through their digestive tracts and are distributed on the farm ground in their droppings...

County to take a look at deer, elk populations October 21, 2013 Idaho, Elko Daily Free Press
... “There has been extensive damage to crops and an infestation of noxious weeds spread by the deer and elk,” a letter from the Cassia County Board of Commissioners stated.  The Elko County Commission will discuss deer and elk herds at its regular meeting 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Nannini Administration Building... [Comment from reader]:  Here's an idea, how about the Elko County Commission stick to wasting Elko County taxpayers money and leave the Wildlife issues to Wildlife Biologist.

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