F&G could allow sale of landowner big game tags May 13, 2014 Idaho

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F&G could allow sale of landowner big game tags May 13, 2014 Idaho, The Idaho Statesman
... Under a new proposal, landowners in Idaho’s Landowner Appreciation Program (LAP) could sell deer, elk and pronghorn tags given to them for participating in the program... Comments can be submitted online from May 19 to June 6 athttp://fishandgame.idaho.gov/public/about/?getPage=33

F&G should keep landowner tags as they are May 22, 2014 Idaho, The Idaho Statesman
...  a proposal that would guarantee some landowners big game tags and allow those prized tags to be sold for a profit... Landowner tags could potentially sell for tens of thousands of dollars - or more - based on big game tags auctioned by neighboring states... The citizens of Idaho own the wildlife...

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