Perfect storm: Brainworm in Idaho's wildlife, Legislature February 26, 2015

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Perfect storm: Brainworm in Idaho's wildlife, Legislature February 26, 2015 Idaho Press-Tribune
... As Valley County veterinarians, we are alarmed about Idaho’s legislative rule proposal to downgrade meningeal worm restrictions for elk importation from east of the 100th meridian, essentially the eastern half of the U.S... Brainworm as a species is so successful that 80 percent of white-tailed deer in some eastern locations are infected...

No gray area: Idaho proposal to ease brainworm rules is bad idea February 27, 2015 Idaho, The Idaho Statesman
... The success of numerous elk reintroduction efforts in the eastern U.S. has been marred by documented brainworm mortality from 3 percent in Michigan to 24 percent in Kentucky to 50 percent in Pennsylvania. Scientific studies conclusively prove that elk can perpetuate this disease by shedding infective larva ...

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