Big game survive is much higher than last year March 12, 2018 Idaho

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Big game survive is much higher than last year March 12, 2018 Idaho, The Preston Citizen
...  monitoring 244 mule deer fawns and 246 elk calves ... showed 88 percent of the fawns and 97 percent of the calves were still alive. That compares with 55 percent of the fawns and 80 percent of the calves surviving through February last winter..,

Deer Season Wraps Up October 31, 2018 Idaho, kpvi 
... [southeast Idaho] There were more two-point bucks due to more fawns surviving last year's winter, but there were fewer adult and bigger bucks..,

Deer and Elk Statistics Across Idaho February 25, 2019 KPVI News 6
... The amount of mule deer was slightly lower than the 10 year average by 3.5%, but was not too bad considering the terrible winter of 2016-2017, where 100% of fawns were lost in some areas including some of the adult population which hurt hunting the following year.  A milder winter in 2017-2018 allowed for a slight improvement, but still yielded a lower harvest as expected...,

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