Fish and Game releases winter survival rates for elk, deer June 11, 2019 Idaho

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Fish and Game releases winter survival rates for elk, deer June 11, 2019 Idaho, KTVB
... just 42 percent of radio-collared mule deer fawns made it through the winter, well below the average survival rate of 58 percent. Fish and Game officers say February's significant snowstorms, followed by a cool and wet spring, contributed to the number of deaths..,

Getting ready for the fall hunting season August 6, 2019 Idaho, KMVT
... the late winter and late spring was not good for the fawns. A lot of young deer didn't make it through the winter.  Mature deer numbers are the same as last year, but the numbers of elk are up..,

Big game hunters face variable prospects August 25, 2019 Idaho, Local News 8
...In Southeast Idaho (Pocatello region ... Winter fawn survival was average or slightly below average... in the Upper Snake Region ...  Because of harsh winter conditions, big game on fawn mortality in these areas was over 70 percent ... the west side of the region fared better than those on the east side ..,

2019 Idaho Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Hunting Forecast August 26, 2019 Northwest Sportsman
... A difficult winter for mule deer fawns took its toll on herds for the second time in three years ... prior to 2016, Idaho had five consecutive mild winters, which helped build mule deer throughout the state, mostly in the south and central areas where mule deer dominate. Then the 2016-17 winter hit, which took a large segment of that year’s fawn crop...

Deer and Elk Hunting Season Preview September 13, 2019 Idaho, KPVI
... around the same amount of total deer as they did last year, but with less two point deer due to last year's extended winter where it stayed cooler for longer.  Three points may also be less due to the 2016-2017 winter which took a toll on fawns ..,

North Idaho's 2019 prospects September 16, 2019 The Spokesman-Review
... Statewide, hunters harvested 26,977 mule deer in 2018, for an overall hunter success rate of 31.1%. Meanwhile, hunters took 25,134 whitetail deer with an average success rate of 41.5%... the harsher, later winter didn’t seem to impact deer populations too much...

Eastern Idaho mule deer hunt shows slight drop in success November 8, 2019 Casper Star-Tribune
... mule deer hunting success was slightly down. Fish and Game pointed to harsh winters reducing the number of fawns the past two years. With fewer overall numbers, one youth doe hunt was cut to one week and eliminated in the Tex Creek area..,

Deer, elk harvests dropped last year February 26, 2020 Idaho,
... “Our mule deer populations are driven by survival of fawns and adults, as are our harvest numbers,” Fish and Game’s deer and elk coordinator Daryl Meints said in the release. “The last three-year stretch wasn’t the kindest to our herds, particularly in eastern Idaho and in the Weiser/McCall areas.”  Fawn survival rates dipped in the harsh 2016-17 winter and again in the 2018-19 winter when record snow fell in February..,

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