Fish and Game looking for unusual mule deer bucks in Malad area October 7, 2010 Idaho

Fish and Game looking for unusual mule deer bucks in Malad area October 7, 2010  Idaho State Journal  The Idaho Department of Fish Game is looking for some assistance from area mule deer hunters in the Unit 73 area of the Southeast Region (Malad area). ...

Last fall several mule deer bucks were harvested during the October hunting season that still had velvet on their antlers. Velvet usually is associated with antlers during the growing season and is commonly shed by early September. We had several deer brought to us that indeed had not shed their velvet and the velvet had begun to dry. There are 2 main reasons that male deer don’t shed their velvet. The first is a genetic condition called cryptorchidism and the antler looks as if it is continuous growing antler that usually takes on abnormal shapes. The other common reason for bucks to carry their velvet longer than usual is due to some sort of damage or injury to their genitals that cause a drop in testosterone production. The sample that we were able to obtain last year did not have the genetic condition, nor were there any signs of damage or injury. What we did observe is deer that had smaller than average testes and velvet antlers.

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