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Suspected EHD Cases in Deer at Low to Moderate Level in 2017 - 2/8/2018 February 8, 2018 Illinois

Illinois Deer Disease News Archive

...  (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease)... 66 reports were received from concerned landowners and hunters totaling 169 deer from 32 counties ... 2012 was the worst year for EHD in Illinois with 2,968 dead deer reported to IDNR from 87 counties..,

Report Suspected Cases of EHD in Deer September 19, 2018 Illinois,
... The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has received reports of 55 suspected cases of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) in white-tailed deer so far in 2018, with EHD appearing at low to moderate levels in counties on or near the Illinois River ... The worst year for EHD in Illinois was 2012, when 2,043 cases were reported from 76 counties... Infected animals develop a high fever, and dead animals often are found near water sources..,

... The worst year for the disease in Illinois was 2012 when more than 2,000 cases were reported across 76 counties... 

Western Illinois leads the state in deer hunting totals February 1, 2019 Illinois News Network
... "In 2012, we saw a few counties that saw some pretty significant loss of deer through EHD," Ed Cross with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources said. "If you look at the counties that had higher harvest rates this year, you can see some of those counties are starting to bounce back...

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