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Lakeville deer acts more like a dog February 13, 2013 Indiana

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Lakeville deer acts more like a dogFebruary 13, 2013 Indiana, ABC 57 News
 A local Lakeville family has been paying close attention to the case of a Cornersville, Indiana couple who the DNR said was illegally taking care of a deer! ... [they] found a fawn on the side of the road who's mother was hit by a car and died. They raised the wild animal for the last 9 months. However on Wednesday an officer with the DNR paid the Lakeville family a visit! The DNR officer wanted to make sure the deer wasn't confined in a cage or fenced in area. After 10 to 15 minutes he left without taking action against the family...

She's dear to them! Lakeville family rescues doe February 14, 2013 Indiana, WSBT-TV
What would you do if you were driving down a rural road and you saw a deer playing with a family in their front yard? ... Ron and Sara found Daisy in a ditch across the street ... “And the farmer who owns the land across the street said there was a dead deer at the corner... She follows the dogs around when we let the dogs out and she goes to the neighbors’ houses.” 

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