Bloomington, Center for Wildlife Ethics Argues Against Deer Cull April 8, 2014

A full copy of this letter is available as a PDF, click on the link "CWE Bloomington City Council" 
at the bottom of this page.

On behalf of the Center for Wildlife Ethics (CWE) and its Indiana supporters, 
I am writing to express opposition to the proposed ordinance amendment that 
would allow for sharpshooting of deer at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve. Opening 
up public lands to killing violates the popular sentiment of residents and is 
diametrically opposed to Bloomington’s well-deserved reputation as an 
academic community and a progressive thought-leader. 
The management of urban deer is an increasingly hot-topic across our nation and 
has been of particular concern in the state of Indiana. Individual property owners 
either ill-equipped or unwilling to reduce their property’s attractiveness to 
deer—thereby avoiding deer conflict altogether—turn to wildlife agencies for 
assistance with their perceived wildlife conflict. The typical response is often to 
advocate for traditional lethal approaches. This reflexive reaction arises in part 
from an operational contradiction as wildlife agencies are entrusted to sensibly 
and responsibly manage wild animal populations, yet are reliant on an antiquated 
funding system that is supported from hunting license sales. This financial 
dependence obviously provides the hunting industry a strong political voice in 
wildlife resource management. Land-grant universities, conservation 
organizations, other governmental agencies and personnel who benefit 
professionally and financially by selling the public on the idea of lethal control, 
quickly line up to support the notion that killing is not only warranted, but the 
only tool available to address the various worst case scenarios that they 
simultaneously thrust on the public. ...

Deer Friendly,
Apr 18, 2014, 2:24 PM