Bloomington deer effort may use sharpshooters May 17, 2012 Indiana

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Bloomington deer effort may use sharpshooters May 17, 2012 Indiana The Courier-Journal
... County Deer Task Force chairman Dave Rollo says so many deer are living around the city that they are having a negative ecological impact in some places. Rollo said one recommendation could be establishing fenced-in areas baited with food where sharpshooters would shoot the deer. He says the task force studied options such as sterilizing or relocating the deer but found those steps cost-prohibitive and ineffective.... [non-lethal methods for urban deer management

"Clover trap" system might solve Bloomington deer problem May 17, 2012 Indiana, WTHR,com
... In a clover trap, the shooter, working at night, lures deer in with food, then administers a quick lethal gunshot to the head ... Some outdoorspeople feel it's not too sporting. Mark of Big Mark's Bait Shop blames development. "Oh, so we're gonna build them $300,000 houses, and then 'oh, they're eating our flowers, let's kill the deer,'" he said.... A hunter in Mark's store calls it "just cruel and inhumane." ... While many want deer controlled, homeowners we met don't mind them. We've got to make room for them and live together, said Mark Erehart. "We need them both. They were here first." 

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